Open Letter to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious from Pax Christi Michigan

Sister Pat Farrell, LCWR President

Leadership Conference of Women Religious: 8808 Cameron Street; Silver Spring, MD  20910


Dear Sister Pat,

We are writing to assure LCWR that Pax Christi Michigan stands firmly in support of your members throughout the United States AND in absolute opposition to the Vatican decree issued against you on April 18, 2012.  We are deeply saddened by the decree contents and want you to know that we stand in awe of the positions you have taken and the leadership you have given through your prophetic works over these many years.

Moreover, Pax Christi Michigan is a proud signatory of the Pax Christi International letter of support which was issued just a few weeks ago, publically declaring our solidarity with LCWR in praise of your work. PCM joined other National Sections, including Pax Christi USA, and numerous PC Regional Members as signatories of this powerful letter.  (Enclosed is Pax Christi Michigan’s summer edition of our Peace Connections newsletter in which we devoted significant space to support of the LCWR nuns. Also visit for our online coverage.)

Many of us were taught by Sister members of LCWR and some of us were former members of LCWR communities, so we know first hand the good works that you have been doing all these years – most without any significant recognition by the Church or the Vatican. And now we know why.  We believe that while the majority of American Bishops and the Vatican disapprove of core values the sisters represent, we also believe that they are threatened by the LCWR leadership and the broad support they receive.

We know that the LCWR is currently in prayerful discernment regarding your response to the Vatican.  Knowing that this a very critical time for you, please be assured that we are holding you in the light of God’s wisdom and love, And that we are prepared to stand with whatever you decide to do as a response.

Holding you in the light of God’s wisdom and love,

Joan L. Tirak, PCM State Coordinator and Mary L. Hanna, Webmaster on behalf of all Pax Christi Michigan State Council Members



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3 responses to “Open Letter to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious from Pax Christi Michigan

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  2. that was very interesting………..thanks for sharing an important letter


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